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Help & FAQ

Below we have provided explanations relating to the different types of vending machines together with some frequently asked questions regarding buying vending ingredients, machine drinks, refills and the vending machine supplies needed.

If you need more help identifying the vending supplies you need for your machine, please email or call Caroline or Phil in Sales at CoffeeLine on 0800 5420590 who will be happy to help you.

 Different Types of Vending Machines

There are many different makes and types of hot drinks vending machines but most will fall into five main categories:


  • Automatic machines are where the vending machine has to be replenished with empty cups and these machines contain canisters that have to be refilled with vending ingredients e.g. coffee, tea or hot chocolate to make up your drinks.


  • In-Cup drinks machines are where the vending machine dispenses a cup with the product, e.g. black coffee, white coffee, white coffee with sugar, tea or hot chocolate already contained in the cup.

In-Cup refill sizes

  • The cups used in In-Cup vending machines come in two main sizes, 73mm and 76mm. Please check the size you need when ordering your refills. The cup size is normally marked on the outer protective sleeve and case. Please note that different size In-Cup refills will not fit in the same In-Cup vending machine.


  •  Similar to the automatic vending machines but a bean to cup machine grinds and uses coffee beans instead of soluble instant coffee to make your drink.


  •  The traditional coffee makers are normally found in restaurants, coffee bars and cafes.


  •  Used in offices smaller cafes and sandwich shops.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what sort of machine do I have?

Generally speaking if you only have to fill your drinks machine with cups that have the product already in them you have an In-Cup drinks machine the In-Cups come in two main sizes 73mm and 76mm which is normally marked on the outer protective sleeve and case.

If you have to fill canisters inside your drinks machine with product and fill it with empty cups it is an automatic or soluble drinks vending machine.

If your vending machine has canisters and uses coffee beans and not instant coffee to make a drink of coffee it is a bean to cup drinks machine.

With a pour and serve system you will only need ground coffee and filter papers, hot water will brew the coffee as it filters through the filter papers into a jug.

Is that all I need?

Automatic or soluble and some bean to cup drinks machines may also need disposable cups these come in two main sizes 7 fluid ounce tall and squat.

Will my drinks machine need adjusting?

Most likely not, most products now are fairly standardised and have a similar dosage.

Ireland Sales & Delivery

For vending supplies and refills with delivery in Ireland please visit

Help and Advice

If you need help identifying the vending refills you need for your machine please email or call Caroline or Phil at CoffeeLine on 0800 5420590 who will be happy to help you.